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lifeSIZE Kitchens offers a crafted design experience complimenting the individual lifestyle. We take utmost care to ensure every kitchen we design is as unique as the person living in it. We truly believe that a kitchen is a living and breathing environment which forms the heart of the home. lifeSIZE Kitchens is a leader in bespoke kitchens and joinery.

About Us

LifeSIZE Kitchens is owned by Andre Albasini...


We offer a variety of different products. Please feel free to read further about the different options available...

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Coming soon...


Coming soon...


All kitchens are created at our in house manufacturing facilities. This ensures that every component is treated with utmost care and responsibility...


All lifeSIZE Kitchens carries a five year guarantee. This does not only cover raw materials and supplied goods but also the fitment of the kitchen...


Function is the most important aspect of our living kitchen spaces. One can have the best design but without function it means nothing. Our professional design team will guide you through endless possibilities to ultimately give you the best kitchen space. lifeSIZE Kitchens create functional art.


Integrity is the backbone of lifeSIZE Kitchens. We believe that a person cannot grow, succeed and overcome without integrity. This is our promise to our clients : Integrity will never be compromised. lifeSIZE Kitchens are built on integrity
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